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My Story


 Hailing from a small town in North Carolina, DJ AVI-X has come full  circle as an artist and owner of Avi'ation Productions/Airstrike DJz. As  a youth, he recognized that he had a deep passion for music. As early as middle school, DJ AVI-X began exploring his passion. In  pursuit of understanding, he found a deep appreciation for all that  music entails; the positive affect it has on people, the way it bridges  generations and unites cultures. Music is not just about sounds, but  creativity & expression. He recognized that music is an art that  needs to be appreciated more and properly cultivated. 

Coupled  with his passion for people and music, DJ AVI-X began his journey to  bring the two together in unity. He began collecting old records from  his father and used those to create and blend different elements of  music together. This allowed Avi the freedom to hone in on his skill set  and cultivate his gift. Mastering the technical aspects of spinning and  mixing, he created mix tapes for his friends and family on a daily  basis, using any positive feedback or criticism as a way to improve his  craft. He also did shows at local dances, clubs, house parties and  private events. In doing so, he perfected his skills to fully represent  himself as a DJ to the public. 

Committed to seeing his  gift materialize into a career, DJ AVI-X took the necessary steps to  become educated in his craft. He attended the Chatty School of  Communication, located in Charlotte, NC, where he graduated with a Major  in Radio Communication. His professional journey began as an apprentice  for The Incredible DJ Polo. After years of dedication, DJ AVI-X had the  opportunity to advance his career by working with DJ Mars (CEO of World  Famous Superfriend DJs), a globally known DJ Label. His talents were  noticed by DJ Shakim (So So Def, Heavy Hitters and Superfriends DJs  Labels), which lead to his addition to So So Def  as a Mix Tape DJ. 

DJ  AVI-X established Avi'ation Productions/Airstrike DJz in 2007. The  brand features a team of respected DJ's and similar professionals in the  music and entertainment industry. Avi'ation Productions/Airstrike Dj's  is a fast growing company with an East Coast base that reaches into the  Midwest. In 2014, he partnered with Bacardi as an official DJ for their  brand. DJ AVI-X is also owner and operator of Airstrike Radio.

While  working with various DJ's, artists and record companies, DJ AVI-X stays  committed to building his brand. He continues to display his love and  ability to master his delivery of music through his performances in  various venues, cities and mix tapes. He remains driven by his passion  to share his gift and love of music with the world. This is an  invitation for you to join DJ AVI-X in first class, where you will  experience music at a much higher level. Take flight and enjoy.